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I.E.R. - Training. Restoration. Innovation.

The European Institute of Restoration is a body of international excellence in the field of restoration, research and vocational training, representing a place for the various Italian and foreign companies operating in the preservation of cultural heritage to engage with each other and exchange ideas and experiences.

The declared scope of the I.E.R. is to assist youngsters wishing to undergo training in the field of restoration and cultural heritage, nurturing their professional growth and job placement. The training sector offers many educational courses aimed at professionals and operators in the sector who wish to gain a specialisation, as well as graduates and university students who wish to acquire specific practical and operational knowledge.

The Institute bases its training work on twenty years of know-how in the field of restoration, covering both practical interventions and research.

In the field of research, the Institute has always been at the forefront of technological innovation used in restoration thanks to collaboration with major companies in the sector. Indeed, in 2007 the I.E.R. and the EL.EN Group in Florence created the world's first laser system for cleaning artefacts located underwater and, in 2015, used augmented reality in the restoration sector in collaboration with BMS the for the first time at an international level.

Large companies, which are sensitive to the preservation of historical and artistic heritage and technological and cultural progress, cooperate with the Institute: BOSCH Italia, CORAL, EL.EN. Group, FERVI and DREMEL. The aim of said collaborations is to increase the development and the activities of the centre, creating productive synergy between public and private entities and dialogue between business entities, institutions and employees in the sector, in favour of new proposals for a common economic and cultural policy.

The Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels

The Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels, or Cinquantenaire Museum, is the largest Belgian federal scientific institution. It is the most important part of the Royal Museums of Art and History and is considered the richest in Belgium and one of the largest museums in Europe in terms of the quantity and preciousness of its artefacts. It is housed in a building that was constructed at the end of the 19th century by King Leopold II and its collections are divided into four main sections: National Archaeology, Antiquities, European Decorative Arts and Non-European Civilisations.

In the Antiques section, the numerous works of art and objects of everyday life of the ancient world take up an entire wing of the museum. Among them are masterpieces from the Egyptian collection that trace the history of Egyptian civilisation from prehistory up to Roman times. Among the works worth mentioning are the pre-dynastic "Dame de Bruxelles" statue, the bas-reliefs of the Old Kingdom from the tomb of the dignitary Neferirtenef, the refined relief of Queen Tiye of the eighteenth dynasty and numerous mummies and sarcophagi from various era.

Nowadays, the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels is part of an international network that studies the Cache of Deir el-Bahari and includes the sarcophagus restoration project conducted in collaboration with the European Institute of Restoration in Ischia.

City of Syracuse and the 2750th Anniversary of the Founding of the City

Syracuse "the greatest Greek city, and the most beautiful of all" (Marco Tullio Cicerone) and its Ortigia "dense and precious combination of a monument, a myth, a symbol in another" (Vincenzo Consolo) are places that do not need an introduction.

This exceptional occurrence will be celebrated with a busy calendar of cultural events, in which "The Gate of the Priests" exhibition - organised in collaboration with the city authorities - represents one of the most prestigious events.
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