Live restoration

Europa expositive laboratory module - An innovative and engaging system to experience the restoration work;


It will be set up once more in the exhibition to ensure the public has an unforgettable experience.

During the "Sarcophagi" exhibition held in Brussels in 2015/2016, the Institute patented Europa, a 16 meters long, 3 meters wide expositive laboratory module that allows the public to observe the restoration work live and interact with the operators at the same time.

The aim is to breathe life into the modern concept of "educational benefit" of the exhibition and museum space in terms of interaction involving the works and the beneficiary by introducing the public to the intense preservation and interdisciplinary work that lies behind an exhibit, enhancing and stimulating the visitor’s attention levels.

The technology that equips Europa allows operators to work on an artefact with extreme precision thanks to the sophisticated and modern equipment that is part of the module, while safeguarding both the works and the public. 

The restorers and engineers working in the module have the opportunity to use the latest generation of laser cleaning-ablation systems manufactured by the El.En. Group, smart glasses with Augmented Reality applications, restoration equipment provided by the Bosch, Bresciani and Fervi, a thermo-hygrometric environment control system and an assisted and sterilised air conditioning system by Coral S.p.A. The module is also equipped with systems for controlled atmosphere disinfestation treatments, diagnostic tools ranging from cameras for IR, UV analysis to whatever else is required for proper and specific intervention.

The public can see that which the restorers see with their own eyes during restoration procedures thanks to an integrated video projection system and it will also be possible to watch any salient steps via live streaming that uses a system of cameras.
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